The New Engagement Literature & Art Journal
    Issue No. 12, JULY 2017

The New Engagement is a Literature & Art Journal that publishes original short stories, novel excerpts, essays, drama, poetry, film, photography, illustrations, and paintings that promise personal insights, unique perspectives, and uncommon social observations.

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Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Ryan Tracy

Domesticating the Queer Cat.

By Kate Robinson

The apocalypse has never been delivered with such harrowing eloquence.

By Betty Rosen

An inquiry into the enduring power of Shakespeare’s classic opens the castle gates to a battalion of existential musings.

By Lois Roma-Deeley

As the vantage point shifts, the viewer is deconstructed.

By Nicole Holtzman

The memories threaten to cling and capture, but the rolling stone dodges all confinements.

By Tyrell Collins

A scholarly and thoughtful epistolary celebrating black female identity and inventorying the rousing literature it produces.

By Mark Elzey

The speaker takes aim at pop psychology, the notion of inferiority complexes, and Chicago’s heinous “Ugly Laws.”


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By Brian Alessandro

Identity politics confounds and consumes.

By Brian Alessandro

Gentrification leaves even the colonists in an emotional lurch.

By Brian Alessandro

The future of the species starts here.

A Celebration on the Way by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

A wasteland without waste.

Desert Nightfall by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

In an arid climate, even the sky catches fire.

Purple Cliffs with Red and Blue by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

Under the imposing gaze of great giants.


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