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Issue 18

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

As An Act of Protest
By Brian Alessandro

“As an Act of Protest” has never been more urgent than now.

By Jennifer Jones

Grace is a dance in the face of adversity, a pirouette across a landscape of bigotry.

By Dennis Leroy Kangalee

Morality is a creative endeavor.

By Felice Neals

Deviations from dark destinies.

By Duane L Herrmann

The salt of the Earth exerts the greatest pressures.

By Tricia Vessey

The subaltern readies her defense.

By Alden Jones

All the natural things that pull.

By Paul Lisicky

The Bulldog, the Cyclone, the Ocelot, and Tom. With dignity and mettle for all.

By Tom Cardamone

A reluctant “outlaw” too radical for the queer canon.

By Christopher Bollen

A pagan penance in paradise.

By Sam Desmond

Subjects include dependency and exploitation.

By Nicole Ferrier

Centuries of cruelty demand centuries of reparation.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By Stephanie Diane Ford

Fear is a Lack of Imagination.

By Alexander Remnick

The artist paints their facade.

By Alexander Remnick

The artist tours their new world.

By Omar Chaves Viteri

Too Hot for Heaven.

By Omar Chaves Viteri

A Carnivore’s Delight.

By Omar Chaves Viteri

Pick Them While Ripe.


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