The New Engagement Literature & Art Journal
    The New Engagement No. 16

The New Engagement is a Literature & Art Journal that publishes original short stories, novel excerpts, essays, drama, poetry, film, photography, illustrations, and paintings that promise personal insights, unique perspectives, and uncommon social observations.

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Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Nandi La Sophia


By Richard Wilde Lopez

Hidden fantasies, flourish and flounder.

By Marina Palenyy

Voicing an identity through an ancestral din.

By Patrick Clement James

The anxiety of loneliness, the panic of disconnection.

By Raymond Luczak

Sacred patronage, grateful salvation.

By MonKhí

Dismantled binaries, reclaimed thoughts, decolonized language.

By Eric Dean Wilson

Exiting hell, burdened with clarity.

By Johnny Taranto

Legacies, embattled and embalmed.

By Giuseppe Gullo

A sublime horror, a beautiful exploitation—sung to mellifluous perfection.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By Rodolfo Edwards

Scaffolding Spirits and Sensations

By Rodolfo Edwards

Blueprinting Bold Bureaucracies

By Rodolfo Edwards

Graphing Gargantuan Gateways


The New Engagement

The New Engagement endeavors a novel approach to discovering, introducing, and showcasing writers, artists, and filmmakers, by providing them digital and print platforms, while encouraging and supporting their social-consciousness.