Issue No. 14

The New Engagement is a Literature & Art Journal that publishes original short stories, novel excerpts, essays, drama, poetry, film, photography, illustrations, and paintings that promise personal insights, unique perspectives, and uncommon social observations.

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Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Mark Elzey

The speaker concludes his revelatory memoir about appearances and prejudices with admonishments and frank comforts.

By Jeff Bond

Savagery sometimes comes in cute shapes and tiny sizes.

By James Nawrocki

Though the effort takes a toll, the living fight to prosper.

By Mike Reisenauer

Muse. Ruminate. See what’s been lost.

By Sara Clark

The past trundles through gardens, upending the peace of a sunny memory.

By Tristan Marajh

Apathy paralyzes. Disconnection troubles. But there is still a hopeful heartbeat resounding in the abyss.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By Joshua B Huitz

An electric garden provides a pathway to succor.

By Joshua B Huitz

Pink plumes. On ice.

By Joshua B Huitz

Explored. Lost. And found.


The New Engagement

The New Engagement endeavors a novel approach to discovering, introducing, and showcasing writers, artists, and filmmakers, by providing them digital and print platforms, while encouraging and supporting their social-consciousness.