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Life in a Flash

Life in a Flash

By Ryan Ostrowski
“Life in a Flash” by Ryan Ostrowski
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Acrylic on canvas
30” x 40”

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"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive."
~ James Baldwin

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Recent Literature

Fiction, Poetry, Essays, Drama


Critters. Commitments. Whatever the pest, it gets under the skin.

Necessary Excoriations, a Collection

Pick a fight, vent a gripe; never let an incisive judgment get away.

The Gift, Chapter 7

Conditions are placed on relationships and ideals of acceptable appearance are carelessly imposed.

The Cummelier

Autoeroticism silences a stirred and sensitive soul.

An Interview with Father Adolfo Nicolas

A sacred folly. A farcical sacrifice.

In The Beginning - The Foundation of First Love

Yearning and wrenching, the heart twitches and beats harder.

The Ants

The ardent toil of a tiny colony fills a lumberjack with fascination, admiration, and self-reflection.

The Caress

The power of touch sends a young queer man aquiver with hot thoughts and boundless lust.

Dr. Burundanga

A profile in the shape of a case study probes the decaying and methodical mind of a misogynistic sociopath in a story written by a seasoned clinical psychologist.

Death Before Beauty

Astronomy, David Bowie, Italian ancestry, the 2016 Election, and the bond between a man and his deceased father blend and surge.

The Gift, Chapter 6

A bridge between bigotries is built and the memoirist finds a life-altering clarity in his prejudice.


A Delicate Balance: Exploratory sex brings about an ascension in a lesbian relationship.

Veiled Voices story art
Veiled Voices

Unresolved, uncertain, and untrusting, the chasm grows.

The Prisoner I & II

War makes men monsters and monsters men.

The Little Lumberjack

Will, when coupled with grit, goes a long way.

The Gift Chapter 5 art
The Gift, Chapter 5

This installment of Mark Elzey’s autobiography brings the reader through an interminable and harrowing string of childhood corrective surgeries for the sake of “normalization”.

Millicent Gardens story art
Millicent Gardens, 1936

Humiliation and desperation/ community and aspiration.

In Polite Rejection (Otis’s Heart)

In a bitter voice, the undergirding of self worth is dismantled as a possible, unnerving root of feminism is excavated.

Shapeless Skin story art
Shapeless Skin

Corporeal expanse, with wrangled nerves and a quieted pulse.

Equals story art

A relationship shakes amid combat against corporate greed.

About the Fires story art
About the Fires

Embers of home billow and blow as history burns hard.

Abuses Amended art
Abuses Amended

Indignities and exploitation are righted with sharp words and a blunt defense.

America is Weeping art
America is Weeping

Barbarism is given free rein in a gun-happy nation.

Curative art

Lyrical elixirs for the ailing soul.

Hollow Threats art
Hollow Threats

The nightmares forbid forgetting.

The Gift essay art
The Gift, Chapter 4

The next installment of Mark Elzey’s autobiographical book revisits a life-changing, perspective-altering trauma.

Philosophia: The Red Queen art
Philosophia: The Red Queen Race

Ascended and with a reliable rule, the queen knows her worth.

For The Dead and Dying art
Three Poems For the Dead and Dying

A lament for those in and beyond the passage from here to there.

Yellawoman poetry art

On the margins and in darkness, the survivor takes adversity as a necessity for growth.

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