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Digital Issue No. 1

The New Engagement Online Journal No. 1

Welcome to issue number 1 of The New Engagement.



Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Brandi M. Spaethe

The sensation of touch, the perception of being moved, and a delicate closeness.

Valero BioPark
By Jessica Deaver

Contemplating an inhospitable future. And speculating on whether there could be any other kind.

By Dennis Leroy Kangalee

Sound the dirge. A lament for our age.

By Jennifer Thompson

Trauma, both foreign and domestic, amid care and comfort.

By Nandi La Sophia

Boisterous, brazen, and beautiful, Nandi La Sophia's story startles and surprises.

By Sam Desmond

Cultural appropriation, Princess Diana, and Long Island mores. Shaken ... and stirred.

By Sam Desmond

Imagine an epistolary between Emily Post and Larry Flynt.

By Brian Alessandro

A rumination on ethnic identity, change, delusion, and the fantasy of racial superiority.

By Brian Alessandro

Why write? Why make art? Why make meaning? Why not?


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

Romero Olympics illustration
By Peov

The third satiric illustration by Peov.

Emperor Palpatine
By Peov

The second satiric illustration taking aim at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro by Peov.

Ship Channel
By Jessica Deaver

Unexpected beauty in the arms of harmful industry.

Pray or Prey, painting
By Charlene M. Cooper

A potent plea for an end to institutionalized horror.

Step Sleep by Robert Moore
By Robert Moore

An intimate moment exquisitely captured in black and white.

Weir Building Brooklyn
By Nina Fleck

The facade is the first to flake and fade.

Motherless Fatherless B-side, painting
By Jessica Rowshandel

Rejection is a monster.

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