Digital Issue No. 10 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 10

“Seeing Red” by Ryan Ostrowski


Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Mark Elzey

A bridge between bigotries is built and the memoirist finds a life-altering clarity in his prejudice.

By Chloe Seim

A Delicate Balance: Exploratory sex brings about an ascension in a lesbian relationship.

By Alexis Cohen

A profile in the shape of a case study probes the decaying and methodical mind of a misogynistic sociopath in a story written by a seasoned clinical psychologist.

By Joseph Cohen

The power of touch sends a young queer man aquiver with hot thoughts and boundless lust.

By Cris Harris

The ardent toil of a tiny colony fills a lumberjack with fascination, admiration, and self-reflection.

By Mike Fiorito

Astronomy, David Bowie, Italian ancestry, the 2016 Election, and the bond between a man and his deceased father blend and surge.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By LurLynn Franklin

Protective mothering is always in fashion.

By LurLynn Franklin

White institutions fall in line before those who’ve been criminally neglected.

By LurLynn Franklin

Pregnant with a flowering reach.

By Ryan Ostrowski

The tug toward a premature demise finds romance.

By Ryan Ostrowski

Time lacks mercy on the flesh.

By Ryan Ostrowski

The drive to perfect defaces.

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