Digital Issue No. 11 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 11

A Celebration On The Way by Dick Evans

Mark Elzey, Steven Cordova, Joseph Cohen, Amanda Krupman, Damon Percy, Shawn Rohrbach, Dick Evans



Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Mark Elzey

Conditions are placed on relationships and ideals of acceptable appearance are carelessly imposed.

By Steven Cordova

Pick a fight, vent a gripe; never let an incisive judgment get away.

By Joseph Cohen

Autoeroticism silences a stirred and sensitive soul.

By Amanda Krupman

Critters. Commitments. Whatever the pest, it gets under the skin.

By Damon Percy

Yearning and wrenching, the heart twitches and beats harder.

By Shawn Rohrbach

A sacred folly. A farcical sacrifice.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

A Celebration on the Way by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

A wasteland without waste.

Desert Nightfall by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

In an arid climate, even the sky catches fire.

Purple Cliffs with Red and Blue by Dick Evans
By Dick Evans

Under the imposing gaze of great giants.

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