Digital Issue No. 3 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 3

The New Engagement September 2016 Cover


Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

Longings, a Collection
By Raymond Luczak

Craving spans millennia. The need to feel loved is timeless. A desire for autonomy transcends all mortal naggings.

Valero BioPark
By Jessica Deaver

The third installment of Jessica Deaver’s hypnotic dystopian novel. Now monthly.

The Blood Flow Game
By Seamus Scanlon

The ruthless set the rules. The loser wins a hard truth. And no one cheats the grave.

Black-On-Black Crime is a Myth
By Craig Davidson

A tired, bigotry-veiled argument is fittingly upended.

A Very Serious Matter
By Mark Elzey

An Arizona family is swept up in the unstoppable machinery of war.

Removing the Poison
By Rachel Cuevas

A clean getaway from the past proves more formidable than originally thought.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

Song of Songs
By Mani Price

Legends make mythological love in an erotics of power.   

Purple Velvet
By Vincent Vigil

In lounge with booze. Seduction 101.

Platinum Tornado
By Vincent Vigil

(September's Cover)

Silver Demonatrix
By Vincent Vigil

A fierce, frenzied campfest! Drag Queens remind us of their kitsch royalty.

Pink Princess
By Vincent Vigil

Ecstatic triumph!

Green Rider
By Vincent Vigil

The Phallus Queen!

By Zechs

An elegant, stately lampoon of cartoonish corruption.

By Linda Laino

Bound, but beating.

Totem Laino
By Linda Laino

Feathers, veins, and flowers intermingle to grow a luscious garden of ecstasy, peace, and vitality.

New Bird by Linda Laino
By Linda Laino

Curiosity. Inspection. An opening.

Don't Sleep by Nelson Santiago
By Nelson Host Santiago

In a hellish carnival of social media platforms, virtual personas achieve godlike damnation. 

And She Was a Ghost of An Affair
By Ashley Doggett

The Master’s whip subverts its own Aryan perversion.

Missus' Leeroy Shows Out
By Ashley Doggett

The wretched and the wronged.

Second Detail of "Missus' Leeroy Shows Out"
By Ashley Doggett

Shameless, grotesqueness.

Master Leeroy's Mansion
By Ashley Doggett

Exposed cruelty.

We The People
By Ashley Doggett

Portraiture of a pitiful past.

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