Digital Issue No. 8 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 8

Dryer, Cleaner, More Myself. illustration


Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

Hollow Threats art
By Mary Gustafson

The nightmares forbid forgetting.

Yellawoman poetry art
By Jessica Gallion

On the margins and in darkness, the survivor takes adversity as a necessity for growth.

Abuses Amended art
By Jessica Edwards

Indignities and exploitation are righted with sharp words and a blunt defense.

Philosophia: The Red Queen art
By Tania Escobedo

Ascended and with a reliable rule, the queen knows her worth.

America is Weeping art
By Diana Franco

Barbarism is given free rein in a gun-happy nation.

The Gift essay art
By Mark Elzey

The next installment of Mark Elzey’s autobiographical book revisits a life-changing, perspective-altering trauma.

For The Dead and Dying art
By Zahra Gordon

A lament for those in and beyond the passage from here to there.

Curative art
By Karen V. Garrison

Lyrical elixirs for the ailing soul.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

I've Got Your Back still
By Eva Louise

With imagery and words that lilt and lash, an indigenous poet stands with the black community against bigoted forces.

For the Future Unforseeable art
By Stephen Mead

Reaching back into the past, proffering a gift for a hopeful future.

Embrace Ladies of Every Age and Race mixed media art
By Stephen Mead

Affection Transcends time, culture, and era.

Dryer, Cleaner, More Myself. illustration
By Law Alsobrook

February's Cover. Hysterically clean and radiantly antiseptic.

Pinned by Safety illustration
By Law Alsobrook

Clipped wings, bound to a wire, skirting a line, the fastened dangle.

Suck It Up illustration
By Law Alsobrook

We’re all at the mercurial mercies of the vacuum. Even as the Vacuum knows no mercy.

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