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My Orchie

By Nandi La Sophia

I'm having an Orchiectomy
and not sure what to expect o' me
I'll kiss 'em goodbye
and thank 'em real sly
for the loads and loads and...loads smiley :-)
Away from my body,
Thou pendulous raff
excised and begotten
straight to the trash!
Ya been thanked,
Ya been wanked
now it's off in a flash!
So I'll tuck with less worry
and fuck with less flurry
I'll walk with a little more space
I'll wear tighter clothing
and do much less loathing
when picking out something in lace

Goodbye, farewell, auf weidersehen.
arrivederci my fair testes, it has been
a blast
with a caste
and a sticky hue
but don't be sad
for I have loved you.

Thanks, my dudes. Godspeed.

Wish me luck, everyone. I go in for surgery tomorrow at 11AM. If any local folks wanna check in on me at any point in the next week I'd be grateful. Movies, snacks, conversation...sewing...all that shit. Yes please and thank you.

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