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By Adriana Garriga-Lopez
Ratchet of the Earth cover art by Tim Sullivan

Original illustration by Tim Sullivan.


Performance is a site for radical democracy

Perverse ethnographies of everyday cruelties

The complicity of interruption

New diary


Pedagogical Crisis


Small conversations

Interacting with the space

Repetition. Experience.

La regularidad de la práctica


Two floggers on an X cross is called Florentining


Ultimate limitations on movement ability

Political letters

Satirical action


Itinerant dominatrix in the sun

Temporary autonomous zone (TAZ)


The camera as a tool of identity

dissolution or distortion

USA flags

Taína/Africana Goddess is not not male

No recycling

You can tour internationally with this


And perform it in

Activist circles

Artist circles

Academic circles

Pervert circles

You can change it to accommodate whatever context.


How much can be taken from a body

positioned in space and time.

The other’s lips quiver,

my student writes.

We would have to formulate a story

and dancing can really bring out the politics.


Consider taking the fetters off

Losing the adornments

Releasing the victim

Allowing the catharsis to lead to

An equalization of relations

What comes after revenge?


The natives are restless.

Boot paddle

(KOC) Kinksters of color



Always relevant


Constant process

Of impossible communities

Extreme differences

Radical tenderness

Partial exclusion

Is a contemporary experience


No simultaneous translation!

Five things to reach a plateau,

if not a resolution...

Enfrentar la neurosis de los demás

con creatividad.

Available online. Assign to TA’s.


Can be translated or added to

Freire, hooks, Nietzsche, John Cage


Porno grafía

Antro polo gía

Bio graf ismo


Brush myself down with a paintbrush

releasing a tongued memory.

Circulo de mujeres para

compartir pescado y

hablar en español

sobre el tema feminista.


Comensales convivias

Smaller groups

Tropical indelicacies

Bastardized nostalgias

Anti-colonial dominatrix

Ululating and reluctant


Arrogant looks

Vaginal animals

Border biocos and abnegations

Autonomías – open the spaces to invert power structures

More transitions

Secretos compartidos


Durational exercises

Epistemic slippages

La Perra Fuchsia

La manada.


Laundry Soap. Tijuana.


The invention of tradition

Ambivalence to anthropology

Compulsion to be legible

Historical erasures

White public space



Quarterly meetings


Mission statement

The end of AIDS

The being at its limits



Multiple points of entry

For the commodification of revolution

Harriet Tubman on the face of

Twenty dollar bills

Zebra burros drive rickshaw//All the way to the airport.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Adriana Garriga-Lopez is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Kalamazoo College in Michigan and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York.

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~ James Baldwin

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