Digital Issue No. 17 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 17


Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

Ten Vignettes About Love accompanying art
By Li Zhuang

Coupledom is the loneliest state.

The Three Year Swim story art
By Amelia Possanza

Treading water, staying afloat.

By Tenacity Plys

Discussion, dissection.

Leave story art
By Ioannis Pappos

Fathers, sons, and the toxic masculine.

My Tattoos story art
By Zachary Pace

Idolatry is more than skin deep.

Decade and Grown story art
By Germ Lynn

Rented and reconstituted.

Lost Reception story art
By Aldo Izar

Dial M for Metaphysics.

Rubbish Blooms story art
By Hannah Pearl

Lost objects, found directions.

The Way In The Way Out story art
By alex garcia

Violently, lovingly, evade.

Jaywalking / The Sleeper story art
By Future Host (Tingying Ma and Kang Kang)

The body politic, awake and ready to move.

The Reasons story art
By Phoebe Fico

Weathered but undergirded.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

By Daniel Wolff, Robert Taplin

Bottom feeders, the bottom line.

By David Alexander

Saint Joni. They paved a parking lot and put up a paradise.

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