Digital Issue No. 2 | The New Engagement

Digital Issue No. 2

Waris Ahluwalia x Dr. Dope, The New Engagement, Issue No. 2 Cover


Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Essays

By Laura Schleifer

Striving for contact in an anaesthetized, apathetic world, one woman pleads urgently, caringly into the abyss. Don’t resist, it answers back. Submit.

By Seamus Scanlon

A theatrical and mischievous interplay between maleficent and beneficent forces. And the audience learns of its own complicity.

Valero BioPark
By Jessica Deaver

The spellbinding second installment of Jessica Deaver's "Zer0: Emancipation," a serialized dystopian novel.

Blood, & Only The Blood, The New Engagement poetry
By Enrique Garcia Naranjo

A disarming meditation on race and racism.

By Courtney Christison

Body and soul parry for priority.

I Died at 27, The New Engagement, Short Story
By Sam Desmond

A personal and harrowing account of despair and self-acceptance.


Film, Photography, Illustration, Painting

Rape of Orpheus, painting in oil, share detail
By Mani Price

The Divine Feminine subdues, conquers, and consumes.

Hold Me, handmade collage detail
By Eva Gjaltema

The parents are present/absent.

Building Bridges, detail panel share
By Naomi Anson

Covering the turmoil.

Waris Ahluwalia x Dr. Dope, detail share
By Dr.Dope

Steady and stoic, he awaits his apotheosis.

Rooftop Scene from As An Act of Protest
By Dennis Leroy Kangalee

Incendiary, confrontational, and necessary. The excerpt from a feature film that presents a relevant and challenging moral struggle.

Romero Olympics illustration
By Peov

The third satiric illustration by Peov.

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