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An Interview with Father Adolfo Nicolas

By Shawn Rohrbach

I was granted the opportunity to interview Father Adolfo Nicolas, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuits.  Father Nicolas has the dubious distinction of being called, by some, the Black Pope.  This unofficial title has nothing to do with his skin color, but mostly with his activities as Superior General.  I have long heard of the secretive activities not only behind the walls of the Vatican carried out by the Jesuits, but around the world and most importantly out of Georgetown University which is within walking distance of the White House.  Several modern theorists have attempted to create a narrative showing how Father Nicolas is driving various programs such as massive de-population through global development of GMO foods, manipulation of world currencies and securities trading to bring on total economic collapse for the middle classes and the poor, and ultimately the imprisonment and enslavement of whole races of undesirable peoples.  The conditions I laid out for this interview required Father Nicolas to answer truthfully any question I asked, and to not have these questions provided for him in advance, and he agreed to this.  We met in a small Trattoria in Rome for lunch. In the interest of full disclosure, I spent six months in a Jesuit novitiate through the first thirty day silent retreat and chose to leave when the retreat was finished and to discontinue my training as a Jesuit.

The transcript of the recorded conversation:

Shawn Rohrbach (SR) Father Nicolas, thank you for meeting me here.  This seems like such a nice place.

Father Nicolas (FN) Shawn, welcome to Rome.  This is one of my favorites.  Although I am Spanish by birth, as you well know, my many years here in Rome have shown me the culinary delights of the Italians.  I highly recommend the veal.

(SR)  Well, excellent recommendation, I am sure.  How would you pair that?

(FK) I always take a little house Chianti with it.  It’s a very delicate Chianti and works nicely with the veal and mushrooms.  The grandfather here is the vintner and sells his bottles and casks through the trattoria.

(SR)  That sounds delightful.   Now it seems to be a bit cozy in here as we are sharing a table with other guests.  Are you comfortable answering questions that might be of a delicate nature in this venue?  I can certainly re-schedule and we can find a more secluded location.

(FN)No, this is fine. 

(SR) Well, okay then. Let’s order and get started.  I will try today’s veal special, and Father, we might as well just get a bottle of the Chianti.  Why not, I’m paying, right?

(FN) Very well, Shawn, I’ll also have the veal special and you know that bottle of the Chianti I had last week?  Yes, that one, the house Chianti.  The whole bottle, yes.  Two glasses.

(SR)  Father, you have often been referred to as the Black Pope, the secretive power behind the Vatican and even the power behind who becomes President of the United States and how they act while in office.  Is that true?

(FN)Well, you don’t take the long way to get to anything, do you?  Get right down to things, that sort of thing.

(SR) I find it best to get to the heart of the matter right away, lay the cards out on the table.

(FN) I see.  Very American of you.  And I say that in the spirit of brotherly love.  As I say to anyone who asks,  I am always available to consult to those who seek me out.

(SR) That’s hardly an answer to my question.  Oh, and yes, this Chianti is delightful.  Nice choice.

(FN) Thank you.  One of my favorites.

(SR) Perhaps you will be more comfortable answering this question.  Is the world over populated and are you actively seeking to reduce the population?

(FN) The world is desperately over populated, by seventy five or eighty percent.  Reduce the overall population to a billion, may a billion and a half, and you have a nice balance where everyone in every social strata has a role.  The top blood lines rule, and intelligentsia and entrepreneurial classes enjoy financial success  and there is a much reduced class of laborers, skilled or otherwise who can tend to the farms, build things, cook, clean and that sort of thing.  But yes, I strongly advocate a massive population reduction.

(SR)  You say advocate and I asked if you are actively participating in a reduction plan?

(FN) By participate, you don’t think I run around in the slums shooting the poor indigents slumped all over the filthy alley ways, do you?  There are much more sophisticated means.  Did you know that if I was living in the United States at my age, if I had children, adult children, they would be expected to live five to ten years LESS than me?  And the next generation will live even shorter lives  than them. Now, isn’t that a much more sophisticated and effective means that wandering through the slums and shooting people?  And war is useless for eugenics.  Look, we tried two all out wars and several local skirmishes and we’ve lost, what, a hundred and fifty million, maybe two hundred million in the last century.  That’s nothing.

(SR)  You mention the decline in life expectancy, and that’s across the board…

(FN) Not necessarily.  You will understand what I mean by that when you learn how this is accomplished.  But, let’s be clear.  If a few people in the previous century thought they could reduce the population to a comfortable and sustainable number through war, they were proven wrong.  Proper population balance is not achieved through killing, but rather in reduced propagation of certain types of people and then a continuous reduction in life expectancy in all others who are not as detrimental to our societies but who always provide significant challenges in governing.  It’s a phasing process.  Phase them out, slowly, over a few generations and the most problematic of the lower classes cease to exist.  They go extinct.  How is your veal?

(SR) Oh, I have never had such veal.  This and the Chianti are truly magnificent.  Thank you for the recommendation.   So, my suspicion is this phasing out as you call it is directly tied to genetically modified foods and the crowding out of the farming process of every crop that is not genetically modified.

(FN)Well of course,  with one exception.  The classes or groups of people you want to remain and thrive do not eat those foods. They eat real food.  Simple.

(SR) Let’s go back to something else you just said.  It has to do with the reduced propagation of certain groups of people.

(FN) Yes, that’s a primary component in this plan.

(SR) How is that accomplished?  Abortion? Family Planning? Birth control?

(FN) Those practices are against the teachings of the church.  Through more natural, and therefore approved, processes we lower the sperm count of the males of these populations and instead of having six to ten children, most will never produce children at all. Eventually they will simply phase out of existence.  We also create economic incentives that reduce the need for children in certain classes of people.

(SR) What do you think of the canoles here?  Are they any good?

(FN) Delicious.  Absolutely with a cappuccino, oh yes.  I will have that.

(SR) Same for me.  Now, Father, how do you decide who gets, as you call it, phased out?

(FN) (pause) Isn’t it obvious? Let’s focus on your country, shall we?  What value is a human life if that life does not contribute to the body of knowledge, or to the economic engine or, if they do not have the highest intelligence, labor without rest to assist  the first two in their daily endeavors, does their laundry, patches their roof, cooks their meals?  There are really only two classes of people, you see.  There are those of us who lead and there are those of you who serve.  If you cannot serve, then what use are you?  And how many leaders can you really have? And how many dishwashers and cooks and pool cleaners do they need?

(SR) You seem to be directing that at me.

(FN) Of course I am.  What do you do?

(SR)  I write and teach.

(FN) That’s what you call it.  You see, as the economic engine of the world, which is the United States, has been building the total wealth over the past one hundred years, for the most part. And, we have allowed the likes of you to enjoy the ride and live a somewhat comfortable existence as we rewarded the total dedication of the generations the preceded you with what you refer to as a middle class life style.  And you are the product of a family that was allowed a certain amount of discretionary money so you had a small cabin in addition to your house, you took vacations and they even paid part of the tuition and living expenses to send you to college and in short order you have become somewhat educated in what we wanted you to learn in the college system we have established and you have effectively rendered yourself useless.  You are not of the leader ship class, and you could hardly be called upon to pound a single nail or wash one dish, you think you are so above that, and in the end you are nothing more than the indigent people lying drunk and stoned on the streets shitting themselves.   And now that the world economy has trillions of dollars in value held by a small, select group of people, why do we need you?  Why do we need this middle class?  We certainly don’t need the filthy beggars pissing on public streets.  Imagine Rome with only twenty percent of the people who are here now, with true leaders and wealth builders supported by actually useful service providers.  And there are parts of the world where economic growth was never a part of the larger plan, so why do we need people who will never have proper buildings, diet, transportation or anything else even half civilized?  We could let those parts return to their natural state and all of your environmentalists would be thrilled, wouldn’t they?  All those lovely animals running around in their natural habitat where the strong survive and the weak become dinner.  I told you the canoles are great here, didn’t I?

(SR) They certainly are.  I wouldn’t mind a second one.  Yes, I will, and another cappuccino, please.

(FN) I will too, thank you.

(SR)  You seem so cavalier about all of this.

(FN) Cavalier?  Not at all.  You asked for honesty and I am giving it to you.

(SR) How is it you have been able to advance this to the point that you have, especially in my country, the United States?

(FN) I can hardly believe you just asked that.  The United States has been the easiest to bring into our plan.  You education system stopped functioning sixty or seventy years ago, and what did I find you doing when I met you here?  Your two thumbs were punching imaginary buttons on your smart phone and you were texting like you had something important to say, all that garbled and wretched made up language.  Why were you not reading something?  I’ll bet you haven’t read a complete book in the last two months.

(SR) Well, I am busy…

(FN) Yes, doing exactly what we planned for you to do, consuming what we want you to consume through videos, movies, music, texting, sexting and twittering.  How much, no, is any of that useful?  Not one bit.  Your generation has, to our delight, become the least questioning generation ever in your country.  The ninety nine percent movement was a fraud, a joke.  Less than 2% of your entire country reads on a regular basis.  You have become nothing but dumb cows.  Mooo.  It will be easy to create a narrative to get you to believe living behind barbed wire fences in shared dormitories is for your protection, as long as you have free wifi,

(SR) Right? 

(FN) And besides, you are being phased out.  The middle class as you may think you know it is over.  We don’t need you or your parents any more.

(SR) By what authority do you think this way, act like this?

(FN) Authority?  Who are you to ask about what authority I have?  No one.  You are nothing and your bloodline will disappear. I doubt you will make enough money in the new economy to be able to raise children, and if you create children you will live in poverty and they will live unhealthy lives and grow up to be toothless indigents shitting themselves in the street.  Spare us and have an operation now and you may actually enjoy one or two more vacations in your life.  You might even be able to pay off your student loans. Ha.  Now wasn’t that a great plan or what?  College used to be affordable, then they started letting in the likes of you rather than the truly gifted intellects, so entry becomes competitive and like a good economic model, we raise the price to filter out those who cannot afford and for those not qualified but who persist anyway, we loan them the money and you will have debt for the rest of your life and never be able to afford a house.  What were you thinking?  No, I am sorry, I take that back.  You are not capable of thinking. Are you so stupid to think all of this was an accident? 

(SR) So this is what you referred to as the economic incentive to not have children?

(FN) Exactly.  You keep thinking like this and you may have a useful spot in this new economy.  How are you are at shining chrome and cleaning automobile leather?  (pause)  I have a meeting to attend.  You said you were going to take care of the bill, right?

(SR) Yes, I have it.  Thanks for the lunch recommendation and I hope to follow up with you with some more questions.

(FN) By all means, just phone my secretary as you did last week and we’ll set something up.  Good to talk with you, Shawn.

(SR) Thank you, Father, good to talk with you as well.  Good bye.

END transcript.

Shawn earned his BA in Medieval Philosophy in a catholic seminary and then his MFA in Writing at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. He has had nine books published by traditional, royalty paying publishers and now two of his short scripts have been produced in the SoCal area. He lives and writes in San Diego, California and travels frequently throughout Mexico.

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