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By MonKhí
Tomorrow, poetry art

Planned out a suicide
Cried out for my daddy to talk to me through song lyrics and street signs and possession of my sisters soul
Thought my love could save me but
Just needed a meal and a busted nut
Guess the moon wasn’t full enough
Last night
Missed eleven11 
Stuffed the blueprints in the back of my neck ima SPAZ for the pez 
dispense my death for another time. 
I wonder what’s next. 
Some head 
Maybe I’ll Astro project to that place where our brains connect and you wake up and ask me what I dreamt ‘cuz you can still feel skin grips from star trips to reoccurring lifetimes and rhyme riffs. 
I think it’s safe to say
I’m an adrenaline junkie 
Tell trump come fuck me just to get a rise out the comment section of IG
Follow me 
Will they ever know me? 
I’m running 
for my life
for yours
they got us in chains we all slaves you have a choice. Turn off the noise. 
It’s safe. 
Imagine a
Martian warrior wit the armor built in and a green third eye that blinks when she lies but she’s too tall to tell so you trust like you blind. 
Legend has it
They took the soul out the shell and stitched a veil on her 
4 layers ‘stead of 5 she was born with the 
To know she was right. 
But Insecurity rule the world so she be thinkin’ twice 
just to fit in.
Just to think again and realize it’s a lie. 
You see she took a bite. 
The veil too thin. How the world so sparkly wit a future so grim
No more rhymes.
Looking around too bright for the first time 
I thought we were friends. Deleted Facebook.
Come to find out I’m the only one who knows when my birthday is. 
Now I’m rocking my hand at the base of my neck. 
2018 eye contact a myth. 
Can’t hold a job ‘cuz the shackles too thick. I hear them now. Clanking against my wrists and ankles. It’s like my mind doesn’t matter. It’s a weapon I wasn’t supposed to know was there. 
If you comply, you are gifted the bliss of ignorance. Or you can carry the chains on your back and the debt on your head and don’t forget to vote for your local congressmen. Everyone’s tryna win. 
I’m fuckin HUNGRY
But I don’t wanna be slave. 
Job description says competitive pay.
.10 cents above minimum wage supposed to cover rent?!
And healthcare ‘cuz it don’t come with benefits. And food and gas but I been considering a bus pass. Prolly lose some weight. Build my credit back up so they let me in the bank. 
You sayin $11 gonna get me thru the holidays? See? 
I can’t even afford to believe in November or December or the New Year or the Future or God. 
But that’s what they want. So u never stop needing. That false sense of security bleeding. Ocean levels wiping out whole live countries but we still avoiding tap to sip a lil fiji. 
Please tell me. What do you need to hear to see clearly. Your phones sleep mode won’t help you rest easy. We dying of cancer while they selling cures to the elite. Out of pocket more then a slick mouth. It’s the price you pay for pharmaceuticals that dumb down your emotions. 
Level your devotions. It’s no promotion in the world gonna set you free.

I think if we learn to plant food-
The system would collapse. Get a grip of your fears we were built to survive. To depend on ourselves. To look death in the eye and live outside. 
Stop judging. 
Look. Up. 
Delete woke from your vocabulary.
Realize that you exist. 
That you are creative.
That you’ve known how to suck dick since the day you were born and marriage was a learned construction designed to keep you indebted to the government. 
And if you wake up one day and agree that it’s true, you’ll look around and realize everyone’s stuck but you. 
And you’ll plan out a suicide. 
But just wait

till tomorrow. 

MonKhí see the pain of human kind, even if they don’t. MonKhí do the oo-oo-ahh-ahh-ing that make the desert jump. MonKhí likes its bananas opened from the bottom end. It writes doodles for its friends and enables sharing on mobile devices. Through MonKhí’s many phases of evolution, it’s gained the ability to walk upright, head held high. As a result, MonKhí is constantly dreaming. Dreaming of worlds who encourage change, encourage freedom. Dreaming of revolution.

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~ James Baldwin

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